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The Role of Hadith in Islam – A Bibliography of the Works in English Language

The Role of in IslamA Bibliography of the Works in
Working Draft of 07.07.2019

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In , the word hadith means ‘prophetic tradition’. Hadith are the practices performed and ordained by the Prophet (SA) that a Muslim must follow in fulfilment of his religious obligations. In the corpus of Muslim , the hadith stands right after the Majid – the of Rabbul Alamin, as the second most important source of . However, there are significant differences of opinion among the Muslim regarding the authenticity of a great number of hadith. There are perhaps even more differences regarding the application of these hadith in today’s after fourteen hundred years of their pronouncement. As a result, a Muslim is unsure and often embattled on what he should practice as his religious duty. This has caused significant rifts among the Muslim throughout the . It is, therefore, necessary to precisely determine the scope, breadth and methods of the Hadith in order to enable the Muslim to determine the role of the Hadith and its application in today’s . As the first part of the project we are here preparing a bibliography of the works in the English Language.


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