Audio Book – De Padvinder

 pathfinder_cover (first published ca. 1920-1930)

Language: Dutch

A short but exciting story for children, read by Wisse (9 years) and Floris (7 years) .
Karel lives with his family on a remote farm in North Brabant, close to a large river. His brothers and sisters are all much older, Karel does not like that. When scouts camp close by, Karel has a beautiful summer. That winter the water rises in the river, and in the middle of the night there is a flood. How can they warn the neighbors in time? (Summary by Anna Simon)

The original text of this recording is in the Public Domain in countries where copyright expires 70 years or less after the author's death, but is still protected by copyright in the USA and some other countries. Please check the copyright law of your country before downloading.
The recording is released under the Creative Commons license CC0

Total running time: 0 : 18: 10 – Read in Dutch by Wisse and Floris

The Boy Scout – 18:10 min [download]

In addition to the reader, this audio book was produced by:
Dedicated Proof-Listener: Anna Simon
Meta-Coordinator / Cataloging: Hokuspokus and Viktor

Catalogued 21. October 2016

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