Top 10 Free Books And Resources For Learning TensorFlow

TensorFlow, the open source software library developed by the Google Brain team, is a framework for building deep-learning neural networks. It is also considered one of the best ways to build in-depth learning models by people learning by machine, around the world. In deep learning models, which rely on a lot of data and computer… Continue reading Top 10 Free Books And Resources For Learning TensorFlow

The Internals of PostgreSQL

The Internals of PostgreSQL by Hironobu Suzuki Publisher: 2018Number of pages: 206 Description:In this document, the internals of PostgreSQL for database administrators and system developers are described. The main purposes of this document are to explain how each subsystem works, and to provide the whole picture of PostgreSQL. Home page url Download or read… Continue reading The Internals of PostgreSQL

Professional Node.js for Developers

Professional Node.js for Developers by Tal Avissar Publisher: GitBook 2017Number of pages: 60 Description:Node.js is an open source JavaScript runtime environment for easily building server-side and networking applications. Node.JS is an open source project. It might be the most overwhelming single piece of software in the current JavaScript universe. Home page url Download or read… Continue reading Professional Node.js for Developers

Upgrading to PHP 7

[ad_1] Upgrading to PHP 7 by Davey Shafik Publisher: O’Reilly Media 2016 ISBN-13: 9781491940099 Number of pages: 84 Description: PHP 7 — the most dramatic update to the language in over a decade — has arrived. This book provides you with a short guide to the major changes in this new release, including a revamped… Continue reading Upgrading to PHP 7

.NET Framework Notes for Professionals

.NET Framework Notes for Professionals Publisher: 2018Number of pages: 192 Description:Contents: Getting started with .NET Framework; Collections; XmlSerializer; HTTP clients; Exceptions; LINQ; Networking; NuGet packaging system; Reflection; Dictionaries; HTTP servers; Settings; Task Parallel Library (TPL); Custom Types; DateTime parsing; Memory management; Managed Extensibility Framework; SpeechRecognitionEngine class to recognize speech; System.Reflection.Emit namespace; System.Runtime.Caching.MemoryCache (ObjectCache); JSON… Continue reading .NET Framework Notes for Professionals

Windows PowerShell Networking Guide

  Windows PowerShell Networking Guide by Ed Wilson Publisher: GitBook 2016 Number of pages: 80 Description: Windows PowerShell is an essential admin tool designed specifically for Windows administration. This guide helps you understand how PowerShell can be used to manage the networking aspects of your server and client computers. Home page url Download or read… Continue reading Windows PowerShell Networking Guide