Audio Book – De wereld een dansfeest

(first published 1938)

Arthur van Schendel (1874-1946)
Language: Dutch

The dancer Daniel Walewijn, son of a Dutch father and a mother of Southern European descent, has the dance in the body so that nothing else exists for him. Even his relationship to the women is completely determined by this one passion. Both Daniel Walewijn and the melancholy Reynald, each in his own way, love Marion Ringelinck, who, just like Daniel, is sucked by the vocation for dancing. These three lives go parallel for a long time. In a series of stories, from the perspective of several persons involved with the main characters, Arthur van Schendel shows the lives of three people, whose fate it is to come into contact with each other, to be dependent on each other and yet to ignore each other
(Summary by Anna Simon)

The original text of this recording is in the Public Domain in countries where copyright expires 70 years or less after the author's death, but is still protected by copyright in the USA and some other countries. Please check the copyright law of your country before downloading.
The recording is released under the Creative Commons license CC0

Total running time: 6:39:51 – Read in Dutch by Anna Simon

01 – The story of the agent – 22:39 minus [download all sections]
02 – The story of the Indian lady – 22:42 min
03 – The story of the teacher – 22:07 min
04 – The story of the director – 22:44 min
05 – The story of the room lessee – 19:05 min
06 – The story of the aunt – 19:34 min
07 – The story of the friend – 21:32 min
08 – The story of the modiste – 21:33 min
09 – The story of the florist – 26:37 min
10 – The story of the dresser – 23:18 min
11 – The story of another lady – 20:25 min
12 – The story of the police judge – 36:19 min
13 – The story of the jeweler – 24:18 min
14 – The story of the devotee – 26:05 min
15 – The story of the childhood friend – 9:29 am
16 – The story of the youth – 11:09 min
17 – The story of the girl next door – 11:00 min
18 – The story of the maid – 21:45 min
19 – The story of the melancholic – 17:30 min

In addition to the reader, this audio book was produced by:
Dedicated Proof-Listener: Herman Roskams,
Meta-Coordinator / Cataloging: Viktor.

Catalogued 13. December 2017

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