Audio Book – Die Blumen des Bösen

 hawthorne_blumen (first published / first published 1925)

Nathaniel Hawthorne 1804-1864 translated by Franz Blei 1871-1942
Language / language: German / German

The student Giovanni From his accommodation, Guasconti has an insight into the wondrous private garden of the famous scholar Rappacini. Giovanni falls in love with Rappacini's beautiful daughter, but the father of his beloved has the reputation of being an extremely unscrupulous scientist. His main interest is poisonous plants.
The story is originally published under the title Rappacini's Daughter . (Summary of Hocus Pocus)

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Total running time: 1:24:50 – Read in English by Hocus Pocus

1 – Section 1 – 19:30 min
2 – Section 2 – 19:23 min
3 – Section 3 – 17:03 min
4 – Section 4 – 28:54 min

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