Aurangzaib Yousufzai اورنگزیب یوسفزئی

M.A.K. Aurangzaib Yousufzai

M.A.K. Aurangzaib Yousufzai was born in Lahore a few years after Partition in the glorious era signified by the climax of Arts and Literature and excellence in academic achievement and  professionalism.  He graduated from Panjab University with English and Economics, and much later once again from Allama Iqbal Open University in Islamic Studies and Sociology. He secured Diplomas in Commerce from Hailey College of Commerce, Lahore and in Civil Engineering from Sind Board.  Has pursued Arabic language Courses as well as studies for Masters in Islamiyaat.  He has served in Panjab University (College of Oriental Studies), Benghazi University (English Department), Libya, and Riyadh University (English Department), Saudi Arabia. Has deep interest in Islamic theology, comparative religions, history and archaeology. By virtue of a very broad mindset he is devoted to pluralism, diversity and a collective acceptance of universal human values and ideals as stipulated in all Scriptures.  He is affiliated with the famous, nineteenth century “Back to Quran Movement” and “Pan Islamism” launched by Syed Jamal ud Din Afghani, Mufti Mohammad Abdu’ of Egypt and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and his close associates from the sub-continent, whose later stalwarts included big names like Ubaidullah Sindhi and Allama Mohammad Iqbal.  He is spiritually attached with and deeply inspired by the Quranic philosophy of Allama Sir Mohammad Iqbal.  He is a pioneer in introducing purely Rational Translations of Quran in short and thematic perspectives, taking cognizance of the general aversion and inability of modern man to indulge into voluminous readings. He is an ardent advocate of the acknowledgement of Quran as a masterpiece of classical literary style of narration and emphasizes the need of its quality translation by strictly adhering to its metaphoric and idiomatic expressions.  He is still at work issuing Research Articles on different Quranic themes and adding more installments to his Rational Thematic Translation Series from time to time.

List of Writings:

Most Rational Quranic Translations:

Quran has been translated over the centuries into various foreign languages countless of times by unaccountable number of scholars. Unfortunately, none of them offers a truly wholesome, convincing and satisfying picture of the divine message enshrined in its injunctions; a picture that can be scientifically, academically and rationally substantiated. The contents mostly present myth, superstition, miracles and episodes that can’t be empirically proved or justified. That’s why these translations are often subjected to innumerable objections, lots of ridicule and outright rejection for being repugnant with the proven facts of our social, intellectual and academic lives. The dilemma the entire corps of our translators were confronted with was the mandatory coherence with or adherence, as a source, to the existing Arabic interpretations of Quran which were craftily designed to present a false picture of its doctrine to the masses. No one was known to be adament in using Quran as the absolute and exclusive source for his translation venture. Here is presented now a series of thematic translations which strive to paint a true picture of various Quranic themes, one by one, in the form of small articles which are easy to read and comprehend. The Quran requires thought and meticulous research. It is not enough to skim over the surface. While some passages are too plain to be misunderstood, others demand careful and patient study. Like the precious metal concealed in the hills and mountains, its gems of truth are to be searched out, and discovered for the benefit of the humanity at large. And when the Scriptures are searched with an earnest desire to learn the truth, God will breathe His Spirit into the hearts, and impress the minds with the light of His Word. The By comparing Scriptures referring to the same subject, you will see harmony and beauty of which you have never dreamed. Quran is its own interpreter, one passage explaining another. There is no other book whose perusal strengthens and enlarges, elevates and ennobles the mind as does the perusal of this Book of books. As a matter of fact, much earlier than the initiation of the first ever translation work, the Arabs, under a vicious planning by the tyrannical powers that soon overtook the Kingdom of God established by the Holy Messenger of Islam pbuh, were forced to follow a chain of fabricated interpretations (Tafasir) of Quran. Did they need Interpretation (Tafseer) of a Quran which had descended in their own language, and which claimed to be fully explicit embodying the best of Interpretations (Al-Quran: )? The simple answer is: No. They didn’t need the interpretation of a Scripture which was already “detailed in fullest detail” (Fassalna-hu tafseelan) and presented in their own literary, classical language. This fact provides us ample evidence to conclude that interpretations were designed solely to serve the purpose of corrupting the meanings of Quranic injunctions. Correspondingly, translations of Quran into other languages were not taken from Quran exclusively, but much help in this process was taken from the corrupted interpretations. Translations thus followed the way Quran’s meanings were craftily defined in the fabricated interpretations. Consequently, the outcome of the process culminated in the preparation of corrupt, contrary to the source, misleading and misguiding translations. Why, when and by whom the process of this historical corruption took place, is a question of history which we are not concerned with in this work. Our sole purpose here is to kick start the mission of bringing out purely true and transparent translations of Quran by working directly on Quran as the exclusive source, taking only the most authentic help of the rules of Arabic language and grammar and most acknowledged Arabic lexicons, paying full attention to an absolute adherence to the context. To avoid a voluminous write-up, only the specific themes have been selected from the length and breadth of Quran, and acknowledging their applicability in our daily lives, rationally translated into Urdu and English, making it easier for the reader to be fully enlightened with their quintessentials through a short, precise and to the point reading. You will also find here the most relevant major themes elaborated in the form of separate articles and booklets. This effort might prove to be a drop in the ocean. Some may regard it as a too pretentious or complacent venture. However, the imperative need for such a research venture cannot be overlooked. Nor the sincerity of purpose that underlines this project can be denied. By: Aurangzaib Yousufzai




BOOKS – Urdu


(English Translation work of his entire collection of writings is in progress and is going to be uploaded one by one as and when completed)


English Translations of Urdu Books
  • Haqiqat-e-Salaat by Dr. Qamar Zaman translated as “The Truth about Salaat”
  • Haqiqat-e-Malaika translated as “The Truth about Malaika
  • Haqiqat-e-Hadith translated as “The Truth about Hadith”
The Magnificent Quran / Quran Aali Shan
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