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Critical Thinkers for Islamic Reform

Critical Thinkers for Islamic Reform

Critical Thinkers for Islamic Reform
A Collection of Articles from Contemporary Thinkers on

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  • Abdullahi An-Naim
  • Abdur Rab
  • Ahmed Subhy Mansour
  • Aisha Jumaan
  • Aisha Y. Musa
  • Ali Behzadnia
  • Arnold Yasin Mol
  • Ayman Abdullah
  • Caner Taslaman
  • Chibuzo Casey Ohanaja
  • Christopher Moore
  • Dilara Hafiz
  • Edip Yuksel
  • El-Mehdi Haddou
  • Eman M. Ahmed
  • Fereydoun Taslimi
  • Farouk A. Peru
  • Germaine A. Hoston
  • Ghayasuddin Siddiqui
  • Irshad Manji
  • Kassim Ahmad
  • Layth Saleh al-Shaiban
  • Melody Moezzi
  • Mike Ghouse
  • Mohammad Mova al Afghani
  • Mustafa Akyol
  • Naser Khader
  • Raymond Catton
  • Richard S. Voss
  • Ruby Amatulla
  • Shabbir Ahmed
  • T.O. Shanavas
  • Taj Hargey
  • Yasar Nuri Ozturk
  • Yayha Yuksel



  • Introduction
  • Biographies of the Authors
  • Yayha Yuksel Being a Teen Named Yayha in America
  • Christopher Moore A Journey
  • Dr. T.O. Shanavas Was Aisha a Six-Year-Old Bride?
  • Layth S. Al-Shaiban 1 Man = 2 Women?
  • Layth S. Al-Shaiban Are Women to be Beaten?
  • Edip Yuksel Manifesto For Islamic Reform
  • Abdullahi An-Naim Why is an Islamic State Untenable?
  • Ahmed Subhy Mansour Islam: Religion of Peace
  • Richard S. Voss The Fourth
  • Mustafa Akyol Islamocapitalism: Islam and Free Market
  • Ruby Amatulla The Pursuit of Knowledge in Islam
  • Ghayasuddin Siddiqui Salafism: Greatest Obstacle to Muslim
  • Integration
  • Mohammad Al Afghani Religious Freedom in Indonesia
  • Melody Moezzi Delusions of Liberation
  • Chibuzo Casey Ohanaja From to Salafi Sect of Sunni Religion and Finally to Islam!
  • Farouk A. Peru Muslims and the : Towards the Resurrection of a Civilizational Impetus
  • F.K. Rules to Understand the Quran
  • Eman M. Ahmed Muslim Identity Politics: Contestation, Confusion and Certitude
  • El Mehdi Haddou When the Military Power is Used to Restore Freedom
  • Edip Yuksel Polygamy According to Islam
  • Dilara Hafiz Eavesdropping on a Arizona Interfaith Youth Meeting
  • Irshad Manji Freedom of Thought, it’s your God-given Right
  • Caner Taslaman Method of the Quranic Islam
  • Ayman Abdullah Introduction to Peacemaking
  • Arnold Yasin Mol The Humanistic Approach Vs. the Religious Approach
  • Ali Behzadnia Islam and Democracy, Why There is No Democratic Government in Muslim Countries?
  • Ali Behzadnia Are Muslims or Islam a Threat to Our Security?
  • Aisha Y. Musa Hadth as Scripture: Discussions on the Authority of Prophetic Traditions in Islam
  • Aisha Y. Musa Jews in the Quran: An Introduction
  • Aisha Jumaan I Refuse to Be a Hostage
  • Abdur Rab Understanding Spending in God’s Way ( Or
  • Sadaqa) in the Quranic Light
  • Mike Ghouse Are Muslims Part of Story
  • Edip Yuksel Violence and Peace Shabbir Ahmed The Current
  • Status of Muslims
  • Edip Yuksel Adventures of…. Theometer or Sectometer
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