Hajj Aur Qurbani (Pervezi shubhat Ka Ilmi Muhasiba) حج اور قربانی (پرویزی شبہات کا علمی محاسبہ) از پروفیسر حافظ ڈاکٹر محمد دین قاسمی

Aur (Pervezi shubhat Ka Ilmi Muhasiba)
اور (ی شبہات کا ی محاسبہ)
پروفیسر حافظ ڈاکٹر م قاسمی
In this book, the author present refutes the concept of Qurbani (Cutting Sacrificial Animal of . Ghulam Ahmed has explained from that Hajj is a conference of leaders of Muslim , they should present there, draw policy and go back to their countries for the implementation of that policies. Mr. Pervaiz further explained that the purpose of cutting Sacrificial Animal is only for the feast of Muslim Leaders gathered there.  Author of this book refutes this concept with the help of Quran, Dictionaries and from Mr. Pervaiz's articles.
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