Mohammad Hanif محمد حنیف

  (Born 23 July 1957) is a researcher of Quran. He wrote many books and booklets after on Quran. He is also poet, social worker and businessman.

He born in Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan. His father is Mohammad Ibrahim and he belongs to a Memon family. In the early age after the of his father he migrated to Sukkhar with his family. His mother was a simple housewife. He was eldest in the family’s male members so he starts his practical in 1969.

Tedious with
Due to sectarianism and extremism, he became tedious with religion. In 1972, with the meeting of some socialist, he became socialist.

Inspired By
In 1980, he meet with Ghulam Ahmed Pervez. Mr. was very inspired with this meeting and found answers of his questions except the two about birth of Jesus and changing in e Allah..

After this he learn himself and try to learn with his own mind. He has good opinion about all past and present scholar of but did not follow anyone. Always called himself a of Quran. Never hesitate to change his opinion in front of argument from Quran.

His Book Rizk e Karim is compilation of his different booklets. This book highlight s economic system of Islam. He also disagree with concept of Economic System present by Ghulam Ahmed Pervez.
Book “Mehjoor Khuda” disagree with the concept that made this and some Law of Nature, and keep him aside from the whats going on in this world.
Book “Wiladat Maseeh aur Quran” (English: Birth of Jesus and Quran) opposed some modern theory showing Jesus was born after Mother Marry, married to Joseph.

He also wrote many booklets some are following:

  • Aurat aur Quran (English: and Quran)
  • Wa Laqad Yasrna AlQuran (English: And You Know From Quran)
  • Sehad Ki Makhai aur Quran (English: Honey Bee and Quran)
  • Maqsad e Hayat (English: Aim of Life)
  • Maa’shi Masawat (English: Economic Equalities)
  • Zakat- ki Nazar Mein (English: in the light of Quran)
  • Paidaish Maseeh- Fikar Key Nai Zawaye (English: Birth of Jesus- New Ways of Thoughts)
  • Hala O Haram (English: Allow and Restricted,) in eating.
  • Khatam e Nabuwat aur Quran (English: End of Prophethood and Quran)
  • Tahweel aur Quran (English: Change of Qibla and Quran) Qibla means Direction in which Muslim turns in Prayers.
  • Aurat aur Quranic Virasat (English: and Quranic Inheritance)
  • Sirf Mein Hey (English: Revelations is only in Quran)
  • Ghulam aur Londian (English: Slaves and Bondwoman)
  • Gharat O Hamiat (English: Bashfulness / Modesty and Honour)
  • Aur Us Ka Nafaz (English: Deen / and Its Implication)
  • Namoos e Risalat (English: Honour of Prophet / Muhammad)
  • Quran Hey (English: is Right /Truth)
  • Mujy Hey Hukam e Azan (English: I have Order to Obey)

Social Work
Mr. also doing social services. Especially for children in Jail. Provide them assistance for their bail and their betterment.

Mr. Muhammad Hanif is also a poet. His is available on internet.

Click HERE to visit his blog.

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