Islam Ka Falkiati Nizam By: Abdul Rehman Kilani اسلام کا فلکیاتی نظام اشمش والقمر بحسان تحریر: عبدالرحمان کلیان

Ka Nizaam e Falkiaat
کا فلکیاتی نظام
Ashams Wal Qamar Bihusbaan
اشمش والقمر بحسان

تحریر: عبدالرحمان کلیانی

This book contains very good information about lunar and solar calendars. The lunar is more accurate than solar, you will find basic principle of lunar calendar. There are many methods in this book from which you can find a specific day by using a lunar calendar. are also shown by solar and lunar calendars at the end of this book.

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