SQL Dialects Reference

Dialects Reference

Publisher: Wikibooks 2010

This wikibook is a compact comparative reference for several SQL dialects. It lists particular common tasks and problems resolved in terms of several popular server implementations. When possible, it tries to emphasize an universal solution. When it’s not possible, it tries to list best practices.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Data structure definition
    1. Data types
      1. Numeric types
      2. Character types
      3. Date and time types
      4. Binary types
      5. Large object types
      6. Misc types
    2. Delimited identifiers
    3. Auto-increment column
  3. Functions and
    1. Math functions
      1. Trigonometric functions
      2. Numeric functions
      3. Aggregate functions
    2. Date and time functions
    3. String functions
    4. Misc expressions
  4. Select queries
    1. Subqueries
    2. Select without tables
    3. Limiting results of select query
    4. Hierarchical Queries
  5. Write queries
    1. Replace query
    2. Insert results from select query into existing table
    3. Save results from select query as new table
    4. Update returning
  6. Transactions
  7. Procedural
    1. Stored procedures
    2. User-defined functions (UDFs)
  8. SQL XML
  9. Administration
  10. References
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