Audio Book – Luigi Pirandello – Novelle per un Anno, vol. 15: Una Giornata

(first publication in its current form in 1937)
(19659002) Luigi Pirandello (1867-1936)

This book contains 15 from the 15th book of "Novelle for a year", a collections of novels written by Luigi Pirandello over the years.

Novelle for a year is a collection of 241 novellas written by Luigi Pirandello. Originally they were published in the Corriere della Sera, subsequently republished in 15 collections. Initially there were 24 collections containing 365 novellas, but the untimely of the author has prevented the achievement of the finish line. Postume have been published other novels written by the author. The collections were published between 1922 and 1937. The fifteenth collection, published in 1937, contains novels published between 1898 and 1937. (Summary by Filippo Gioachin)

This book was promoted by the group Volunteers of the Book of aNobii. Some of the previous collections are available on the twin site LibriVox .

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Total duration: 4:13:45

00 – Warning – 3:09 – Read by Filippo Gioachin
01 – Effects of a Dream Interrupted – 1.30 pm – Bed by Fantamarzia
02 – There's Someone Laughing – 4.40pm – Read by Enrica Giampieretti
03 – Visit – 4.37 pm – Read by Enrica Giampieretti
04 – Victory of the Ants – 6:06 pm – Read by Enrica Giampieretti
05 – When the Play was understood – 19:08 – Read by Fantamarzia
06 – Padron – 4.16pm – Fantamarzia's bed
07 – The Trial – 11.04am – Bed by Fantamarzia
08 – The House of Agony – 1.07pm – Read by Enrica Giampieretti
09 – The Good Heart – 3.08 pm – Read by Paola Toldo
10 – The Turtle – 18:19 – Bed from Fantamarzia
11 – Fortune d'Esser Horse – 4.06pm – Read by Roberto Cofini
12 – A Challenge – 2.19 pm – Read by Roberto Cofini
13 – Il Chiodo – 4.49 pm – Read by Roberto Cofini
14 – Mrs. Frola and Mr. Ponza, your son-in-law – 25: 29- Read by Paola Toldo
15 – One Day – 7:58 pm – Read by Enrica Giampieretti

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Coordination of the book: Filippo Gioachin
Verification of Registrations: Paola Toldo
Meta-Coordination / Cataloging: Filippo Gioachin

Cataloged on October 12th 2015
(Catalogued 12. October 2015)

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