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Lalarukh Bukhari لالہ رخ بخاری

Prof. was born on 8 April 1958 in Gujranwala. She has master degree in . She is  novelist,  poetess and an Associate Professor at Govt. Post Graduate College of , Gujranawala. She is daughter of Syed Ali Abbas Jalalpuri, famous author and philosopher of Pakistan. Her Husband Ejaz Ali is Civil Engineer. Sahibzada Kaywan Jah and Sahibzada Zumeran Jah are sons of Prof. Lalarukh Bukhari.


List of Novels

  • Tarsad (ترصد)
  • Khawab Howe Mehtab (خواب ہوئے ماہتاب)


List of Compilation

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