Syed Ali Abbas Jalalpuri سید علی عباس جلالپوری

Syed Ali Abbas Jalalpuri was a professor of philosophy in Government College Lahore. He born 19 October 1914 in Jalalpur Sharif, District Jehlam. He is founder of Pakistan Tehreek Khird Afrozi. He was died on December 6, 1998 (dates confirmed by his daughter Prof. Lalarukh Bukhari). His daughter Prof. Lalarukh Bukhari is also a poetess and novelist .  Here is detail article about him on Urdu Wikipidia. This is link of article about him on English Wikipedia. Here is Facebook Page of Syed Ali Abbas Jalalpuri. To see all his books on this site, please Click HERE.

List of Books:

  1.  Riwayat-e-Falsafa (Story of Philosophy)
  2. Wahdatul Wujud tey Punjabi Sha’eri (Pantheism and Punjabi Poetry)
  3. Iqbal Ka Ilm-e-Kalam (The Theology of Allama Muhammad Iqbal)
  4. Maqamat-e-Waris Shah (Places of Waris Shah)
  5. Ruh-e-Asar ( Zeit Geist or The Spirit of the Age)
  6. Aam Fikri Mughaltay (Common Intellectual Errors)
  7. Tareekh Ka Naya Mor (The New Turn of History)
  8. Rasoom Aqwam (The Cultures of Nations)
  9. Jinseyati Mutaalay
  10. Kianat aur Insan (Universe and Man)
  11. Riwayat-e-Tamadan Qadeem (Story of Ancient Civilizations)
  12. Khird Nama Jalalpuri ( Jalalpuri Dictionary)
  13. Maqalat Jallapuri (Essays by Jalalpuri)
  14. Sibd Gulchainh (A collection of poetry).
  15. Prem Ka Panchi Pankh Pasary (Novel)
  16. Some eBooks on Mediafire


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