Muhammad Akbar محمد اکبر

Muhammad Akbar
Born 7 November 1954
Muzaffargarh, Punjab, Pakistan
Died 16 February 2000 (aged 45)
Multan, Punjab, Pakistan
Era 20th Century
Region Islamic philosophy
Main interests
Quran, Tafseer,

Muhammad Akbar

Muhammad Akbar (Urdu: محمداکبر‎) (7 November 1954 – 16 February 2000) was an Islamic Scholar from Muzaffargarh, Punjab, Pakistan. He wrote a book after research and thinking of many years on Quran with the name of “ALLAH” in Urdu. This book was published on September 1996. In his book, he included references only from Quran. His formal education was only F.A. (Faculty of Arts) which is equal to A-Level.

He was died on February 16, 2000 due to Brain Hemorrhage at Nishtar Medical College, Multan.

List of Work

  • Allah (Book)
  • Baad az Marg (بعد از مرگ)(English:Life After death )
  • Nikkah(نکاح)(English:Wedding )
  • Talaq(طلاق)(English:Divorce )
  • Halal o Haram(حلال و حرام)(English:Clean and Prohibited Animals
  • Faskh karny wali Ayat(فسخ کرنے والی آیات)(English:Verses That Abrogated Other Verses
  • Bible(بائبل)(English:Bible)
  • Namaz(نماز)(English:Prayers)
  • Roza(روزہ)(English:Fast)
  • Wafat e Masah(وفات مسیح)(English:Death of Jesus)
  • Aamad e Masih(آمد مسیح)(English:Second Coming of Jesus)
  • Imam Mehdi(امام مہدی)
  • Wirasat Key Chand Pehlu(وراثت کے چند پہلو)(English:Some Aspects of Inheritance)
  • Wasihat Ki Ahmiat(وصیت کی اہمیت)(English:Importance of Will)
  • Zulqarnain Kon?(ذوالقرنین کون؟)(English:Who is Dhul-Qarnayn?)
  • Zakat(زکوٰۃ)
  • Usar(عُشر)
  • Mi’raj Ki Haqiqat(معراج کی حقیقت)(English:Reality of ascending of Muhammad from earth to heaven)
  • Khilafat, Malukiat and Jamuriat(خلافت، بادشاہت اور جمہوریت)(English:Caliphate Kingdom and Democracy)
  • Islami Qanoon(اسلامی قانون)(English:Islamic Law)

He also wrote, more than 100 articles,  other than above.

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